Do you want to come to eat? We are open every day from
11.00 am – 21:30 pm. You can book a table here! Then you know for sure that there is a nice table for you.

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Mr. Vink is a so called Dutch Cuisine-restaurant. Our Dutch Cuisine menu offers delicious dishes from the Dutch cuisine! Outside the menu we serve specials of the season (see our plates on the table). Come in and taste it!


Typical Dutch cuisine

Tasty to the aperitif

Smoked almonds homemade 3,00
Olives 3,50
Oysters per piece 3,50
Bread from the field kitchen with butter and oil 3,50
Old Utrecht cheese 7,50
Home-made croquettes of prawns per piece 3,50
Whole sausage from monsieur Saucisson 9,50

(5 Pepper, with blue cheese, Garlic, Fennel or naturel)


Served with bread from the Veldkeuken with butter and oil

Pumpkin soup with roasted chestnut and pumpkin seed oil 7,50

Shrimp croquettes with lemon mayonnaise 10,00

Salad with deep fried Camembert and cranberries, apple, walnuts and balsamic syrup (V) 9,50

Carpaccio of Belgian Blue beef, with mustardsauce, old Dutch Utrecht cheese and pine nuts  11,00

Onion soup with gratinated old Dutch Utrecht Cheese and Gruyère (V) 9,50

Burgundian snails with herb butter (12 pcs. 15,00) (6 pcs.) 10,00


Main courses

Served with seasonal garnish

Vegetable curry, coconut milk with rice, naan bread and yoghurt cucumber dip (V) 19,50

Steak cut from the tail of the Belgian Blue cow with pepper sauce 21,50

Rosé fried veal liver with bacon, onion and gravy 20,00

Fried salmon with butter sauce and spring onion 20,00

Homemade chicken satay with fresh fries 18,50

Side dishes

Fresh fries with home-made mayonnaise 3,50

Grilled vegetables 3,50

Dutch salad 3,50


All our ice cream is traditionally prepared by a farmer from de Bilt.

Warm chocolate fondant tart with vanilla icecream and raspberries 8,50

Mandarino; mandarin ice cream with prosecco and a dash of vodka 8,50

Dame Blanche of vanilla icecream with warm Belgian chocolate sauce   8,50

Cheese platter John’s Brood & Kaas Specialiteiten   12,50


‘12 o’clock-snack’ 12,50

2 slices of country bread (white or brown) with: homemade beef croquette, egg of farmer Dirk with ham and onionsoup

Club sandwich
Toasted country bread (white or brown) with choice of:

Smoked chicken, crispy bacon, egg of farmer Dirk, fries with homemade mayonnaise 12,50
Smoked salmon, egg of farmer Dirk, fries with homemade mayonnaise 13,50
Grilled vegetables with goat’s cheese12,50

Eggs 10,50

Country bread (white or brown) with 3 eggs of farmer Dirk and your choice:
young cheese, Utrecht old cheese, ham, bacon or a combination

Lunch salads 14,50
Served with country bread (white or brown):

Crunchy camembert of John’s with cranberries, apple, walnuts and balsamicsyrop (V)
Grilled vegetables with gratinated goat cheese of John’s with honey (V)
Home smoked salmon with capers, red onion and fresh horseradish sauce
Salad with home-smoked free-range chicken, with curry mayonnaise, fresh pineapple and cashew nuts

Country bread (white or brown) with:

Steak sandwich with caramelized onion, mushrooms and mustard sauce12,50
Homemade beef croquettes (2 pcs.) 10,50
Homemade Dutch shrimps croquettes served with lemonmayonnaise 14,50
Grilled cheese sandwich 7,50
Country bread (white or brown) with North-Holland young mature cheese and/or ham


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(030) 276 09 25
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